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The Direct Route To Learning English At A Direct English Centre

Direct English is a fast-growing global network of English language training centres offering tutor-supported English language training to the general consumer, young professionals and corporate executives around the world.

Direct English was developed after five years of research into the language training requirements of adult learners, focusing on both the traditional school and distance learning methodologies. The syllabus and bilingual multimedia course materials have been developed by Louis Alexander, the world authority on English language learning, and employ the latest in teaching technology.

A Unique Learning System

The unique Direct English learning system gives customers the flexibility to study around their personal and professional life – giving them the chance to choose where and when they want to learn, at a pace that is specific to their individual learning capabilities and objectives.

The combination of personal study, tutorials, multimedia and conversation classes, as well as centre-organised social activities, gives customers the most effective and flexible English language training available today.

“It is the centres’ focus on the individual needs of the client that have made them such a success” says Bassam Amkeie, Centre Manager in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “Staff at the Direct English Centres give all the support and motivation that customers need to succeed.”

A Typical Direct English Course

Typically, it takes 3 months to complete a level of a Direct English course, during which time the learner will move through the 9 units of study. There are 8 levels in total.

The course itself consists of a balanced mixture of tutorials and personal study, backed up by multimedia classes, conversation classes and a social programme.

Following an initial assessment, the student is given their first set of materials to take away – a course book, a companion book, 9 audio CDs and a PC video disk. They are encouraged to work through these materials in their own time, at home, in the office or, if they prefer, in the centre, as well as attend centre-based multimedia classes at a time that suits them.

Once they have completed one unit, they are expected to attend a tutorial at the training centre. Arranged for a time that fits around their own personal and business commitments, these tutorials are the learner’s opportunity to show the tutor that they understand the work they have been doing and discuss any difficulties they may be facing.

They will then be encouraged to attend conversation classes at the centre to undertake some spoken activity with others at the same level and discuss any difficulties they may be facing. Tests at each stage are designed to reinforce what they have learned, as well as provide an indication of their progress.

For Corporate Clients

For corporate clients, the training can take place on-site or at the training centre itself to ensure any disruption to the working day is kept to an absolute minimum. Training managers can also track the progress of their employees through the regular tests that are a key part of the learning system and the regular reports provided by the centre. This feedback system is highly valued, helping ensure that companies maximise the return on their investment.

Corporate clients of Direct English around the world include international investment banks Citicorp and HSBC, entertainment systems company Bang & Olufson, sportswear company Nike, computer services company UNISYS, as well as Asian conglomerates Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

Luigi Dalbon, training manager for UNISYS Italia said

“We have been delighted to use Direct English to teach our team to speak better English. Everyone has been really surprised at just how much progress they have made with their studies and how much satisfaction they have been able to get from the programme.”

Direct English Training Centres

Direct English Centres are designed to make language training enjoyable with a strong emphasis on spoken English and social activities. Thanks to the backing of the Linguaphone Group, employees benefit from the very best there is to offer in quality multimedia materials of the 21st century.

The practical, easy-to-use and engaging course materials are provided with commentary and instruction in the native language, leaving the learner free to concentrate on learning English.

The tutorials, multimedia classes and conversation classes, led by bilingual and native English speakers respectively, ensure progress is monitored, support and advice is given and, just as importantly, learning the international language of business and communication – English – is fun.


For further information, please contact:

Diana Lott Head of Marketing International ELT Linguaphone Group United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8687 6115 Fax: +44 (0)20 8687 6410 Email:


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