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Our Vision

Continuously innovating since 1901 to deliver the best experience and resources to ambitious partners and students globally.

Our Brands

Thanks to our 21 Master Franchisees worldwide, students from 3 to 99 years old, can access to our engaging and premium resources to thrive in their life and career through our programs.

Pingu's English

We're the global exclusive education licensee of Mattel for its brand Pingu, since 2006. Thanks to our school-based language course, we helped thousands of students become bilingual since then. In 2017, we launched Pingu's English international kindergarten, using the popular TV character Pingu™ and his friends. In our curricula, written in collaboration with Kingston University London, we embed principles of the Montessori method, the Swedish school and the latest trends in Early Education. 

The course has four levels and is based around the hugely popular children’s series Pingu™ which is broadcast on 160 TV channels worldwide. 

Direct English

Direct English is based on a unique learning system, developed by the world-famous English language learning expert and linguist, Louis Alexander, one of the members of the Council of Europe, who designed the globally adopted CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) system, now adopted by all language systems worldwide. Our nine CEFR-aligned level courses deliver English language training for all abilities and all purposes, including Business English; from young professionals to corporate executives, from absolute beginners to advanced learners.



The education franchises operated by The Linguaphone Group are united to two common factors; our uniquely-designed confidence-focused curriculums developed by industry-leading educators, and our flexible learning options via physical education centres and online learning platforms. Both elements have allowed our franchise partners to benefit from sustainable growth through political, social and pandemic factors within their markets.

The education sector is a growing and significant international industry, with demand increasing for English language learning options, particularly within the business and pre-school markets. 

Grow Your Vision

Interested to become a Pingu's English or Direct English Exclusive Partner? 

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