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English Training: 9 Franchise Benefits that will lead your Business Nationwide

Discover the unique Franchise Benefits in the Education Business. by Debora Mondella, International Brand Manager, Linguaphone Group   If you are already in the franchise business or are exploring new business ideas, you will find it useful to analyze the franchise benefits you will receive in terms of financial, marketing and sales support with Direct English. […]

Can we reduce the risk of dementia in later life? Latest research reveals the great power of bilingualism

Recent studies have shown that dementia appears up to five years later in people who speak more than one language. In fact, Professor Carol Brayne, a leading dementia expert at the University of Cambridge, explains that higher levels of education appear to protect people against developing dementia. In fact research suggests that around 30 per cent of cases in Britain […]

Pingu’s English language training franchise from the UK to arrive in Japan

Immediate release: 15 February 2016 Pingu’s English (UK) today announced further expansion of their global pre-school English training franchise, with the appointment of a new Master Franchisee for their successful pre-school English language training program across Japan. Japan is currently the third largest economy in the world, behind China and US, with a total population of […]

Direct English Confirms Further Expansion of Franchise Across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  The Master Franchisee for Direct English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has today confirmed recent new openings of centers across the Kingdom, with further plans to open more during 2016. Direct English is nine-level English language training system, which delivers world-class English language training for all abilities and all purposes. Direct English […]

Does knowing a second language really broaden your mental horizons?

By Sarah McAllister, Head of Marketing (New Business), Linguaphone Group If life today had to be described by one term, hyper-communication would be it. Technological innovation has been the primary medium by which we’ve got to this stage, but the focus and result of it all seems pretty much entirely information-based and communication-orientated. Bilingualism was […]

Direct English Malaysia Master Franchisee Partners With Two Universities In Kuala Lumpur

Immediate release Monday 14 December 2015   Direct English Malaysia has joined forces with both Mahsa University and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) in Kuala Lumpur to offer the Linguaphone Group’s unique and effective English learning system, Direct English to their students. Direct English Malaysia has signed an Institutional Accredited Centre agreement which gives both […]

Did you know that motivation is a key factor in learning a language?

by Derek Price, Chief Executive Officer, Linguaphone Group One of the main reasons we may fail to learn English at school is low motivation. After approximately six hundred hours of instruction in secondary school alone, we often have very little to show for our efforts. No matter how hard our teachers try to impress on […]

Direct English language training franchise for adults launches in Japan

The Linguaphone Group’s world-renowned English language training program for adults, Direct English, is now available in Japan. Having secured the exclusive Master Franchise rights for Japan from the Linguaphone Group last year, Direct English Japan has already opened two successful training centers in Shinjuku, delivering the Group’s nine-level English language program to over 1,500 students. […]

Licensing vs. franchising: which route will you go down?

By Sarah McAllister, Head of Marketing (New Business), Linguaphone Group We have all come across the big retail franchise chains, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway; chances are that you’ve been into one of these in the last couple of days. But how many of us have come across ‘licensing’ and are there any differences to both […]

Direct English language training franchise announce further growth across Egypt

  The Arabian Company for Development and Project Management, Direct English Master Franchisee for Egypt, who has been running adult English language training centres with the Linguaphone Group since 2007, today announced four more Direct English training centers will open across Egypt in the coming year. The first will be a dedicated and prestigious center in Al Rehab City, Greater Cairo […]