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English Training: 9 Franchise Benefits that will lead your Business Nationwide

Discover the unique Franchise Benefits in the Education Business.

by Debora Mondella, International Brand Manager, Linguaphone Group


If you are already in the franchise business or are exploring new business ideas, you will find it useful to analyze the franchise benefits you will receive in terms of financial, marketing and sales support with Direct English.

If you start with an independent business you’re in uncharted territory, and if you make too many wrong decisions it could end up being much more costly than if you had chosen a business with a franchise solution. It may also take longer to figure out the right formula for making profits. You’ll also have to create all the processes, develop your own training and most of all, you will have to develop your  business with a completely unknown brand.

franchise benefits

So let’s go though the 9 points you should consider when you choose a Fast Growing Educational training franchise like Direct English:

Become a franchise_1Established brand: As our franchisee, you have the right to use an established trade name, marks, logo and style which follows a proven, successful formula which you develop across your territory. Our well known international brand will give you more chance to win against the unknown brand of your competitor. This helps you to establish a more profitable business.

Icon3Easier access to funds: Funding institutions and banks are often more willing to give support to franchises because of their higher success rate and lower risk.

Icon_3Hassle free start: You don’t have to make the first 3000 decisions needed to just open a business. Direct English provides ‘peace of mind’, particularly in relation to compliance with licenses.

Become a franchise_4Ownership:. You will have the local ownership with our  extensive experience with many partners all over the world. It’s a win-win situation for you and for your customers.

Become a franchise_5Training: Proper Start Up Support. The comprehensive training you’ll receive from Direct English will enable your staff  to confidently deliver the program to your territory. You’ll also be trained in all areas of marketing, operations and staff management to give you full confidence to operate the business successfully.

Icon_6Proven business: Direct English is already delivered to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide , and can provide examples and ideas that have been already successfully implemented.

Become a franchise_7Web Leads and Internet Marketing Support: As part of the comprehensive marketing support for the franchisee, Direct English provides ongoing assistance with digital marketing and lead conversion optimization strategies.

Icon_8Advertising: Direct English already promotes its brand internationally and it will offer you guidance when you want to advertise in your country and even provide advertising materials through Partner-only Extranet.

Become a franchise_9 On-going support: Direct English has an extensive history in the English language training/franchise business and can provide expert assistance on all issues you might face. Many Direct English professionals at their HQ are on hand, and you’ll also receive a suite of Management Manuals to support you.

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