Linguaphone Group

What is Linguaphone?

Established in 1901 Linguaphone has always been a pioneer in self-study language learning. Millions of people in the UK and across the world have successfully learned to speak a new language using the Linguaphone method - LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and SPEAK.


Although we now produce language courses in CD, MP4 and MP3 downloadable formats, in the early days we were the first to recognise the potential of combining the traditional written course with the wax cylinder and later with records!

Throughout the years, all Linguaphone language courses have allowed customers to study at their own pace using books and original recordings supported by Linguaphone’s proven methodology ‘Listen, Understand, Speak’.┬áNo wonder then that Linguaphone has continued to play a dominant role in language learning across the globe ever since!

Our Methodology


Listening to native speakers in your new language is the most relaxing and involved way to learn, helping you associate the sounds you hear with the words and sentences you read.



By listening to and reading the language, you begin to discover what each word means. Everyday objects have exciting new names. Gradually words, then phrases, become clear and your reading, writing and speaking improves.



Many people find that speaking their new language is the hardest part. But Linguaphone’s method makes sure that you start speaking from the very first lesson with the correct pronunciation.


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