The Linguaphone Group - Case Study

Interview with Mohammed Aslam, General Manager with Direct English Gulf States


What was your background before you became the Master Licensee here?

We already owned the New Horizons IT Training Franchise providing corporate training, so we had previous experience of franchising. We also have a very innovative team who are able to localise the franchise process to our market requirements and we thoroughly understood our target audience. That background helped us immensely and I am sure it contributed to the success of Direct English.

What was it that attracted you to the Direct English Master Franchise?

As an established IT training provider we could see that many of our students were struggling with all the new IT technology and software coming in (around the year 2000), because it required them to know English. This gave us the impetus to provide the solution – we could see there was a huge opportunity to provide English language training in our region, so we began looking for an international franchise. We had an awareness of Direct English as some of our New Horizons Franchisees in the Middle East were already operating the programme, so it was a fairly easy decision for us to take on the Master License. It was a natural transition for us as we already had a very positive experience of Direct English.

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