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The Linguaphone Group Embarks On An Aggressive Growth Plan

The Linguaphone Group, the world’s leading language training provider, is actively seeking Master Licensees for Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and parts of the Middle East.

As part of an aggressive growth plan, the Group is looking to expand its global network of English language training centres by offering Master Licences in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

CEO of the Linguaphone Group, Clive Sawkins, said “We are exclusively seeking business leaders who recognise the high potential of becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee and who have the experience, motivation and drive to appoint and lead a strong management team.”

Sawkins continues “We are particularly interested in IT and English language training companies who already have an established network of centres. The Master Licence would enable them to stretch their existing range of services to a wider, previously untapped group of learners whilst leveraging their existing resources. It’s a highly efficient use of overheads with the obvious benefits of profitability for both the Master Licensee and the Linguaphone Group.”

It is a strategy that attracted the Group’s established Master Licensees in South Korea, Japan, Portugal and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.

Managing Director of the Group’s International English Language Training, Derek Price, is not surprised “We offer a uniquely flexible system with world-class multimedia-based materials and courses designed to suit the individual customer’s lifestyle. Our friendly, welcoming and modern training centres focus on genuinely meeting customers’ needs.”

The available Master Licences include the rights to both the Direct English and Linguaphone brand names. Growth would be through incorporation of the Group’s system and methodology into an existing business network or the opening of new multiple training centres through sub-licensing.

Full support and training is provided on an ongoing basis from the Linguaphone Group Head Office team in the United Kingdom.


For further information, please contact:

Diana Lott Head of Marketing International ELT Linguaphone Group United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8687 6115 Fax: +44 (0)20 8687 6410 Email:

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