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Pingu’s English Launches in Malaysia

Awan Sensory Marketing Sdn. Bhd and the Linguaphone Group, the world’s leading provider of language training solutions will today launch a pre-school English language course, Pingu’s English, at the Hotel Grand Millennium in Kuala Lumpur.

Designed for use within Pingu’s English approved schools and also by parents and children at home, this innovative course will be available initially in Bangsar – Kuala Lumpur, Putera Heights – Selangor and Kulai – Johor this September, with 10 more schools opening across Malaysia in early 2009.

Pingu’s English is a 3 level course and will teach English to young children of 3-7+ years. Pingu’s English also provides valuable lessons in socialisation, numeracy and computer skills. The course is based on the hugely popular television character, Pingu™, the mischievous but loveable penguin, and centres on his true-to-life everyday adventures in the South Pole.

Announcing the launch of Pingu’s English in Malaysia, Nawar Mani Ramachandran, Managing Director of Awan Sensory Marketing Sdn. Bhd said:

“Pingu’s English is the most realistic, true-to-life children’s English course available that will teach children genuine, useable English. It is the only course to offer an extensive range of multimedia learning and support materials, all centred around the much-loved animated penguin Pingu.

“We are committed to providing a first-class English language curriculum, for all children throughout Malaysia for years to come. Pingu’s English will allow parents to give their children a better start in life”


For all media enquiries, please contact

Nawar Mani Ramachandran

Tel: +603 7785 5833



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