Fifth Pingu’s English Centre to open in Limassol

Pingu’s English Cyprus has announced that a fifth centre will open in Limassol in September 2015.

The agreement was signed between D.P. Taking Care of Education Ltd, the Master Licensee of Pingu’s English for Cyprus, and Ms Katerina Photiou, owner of “Katherine’s School of English” a local language school in Limassol.

Pingu’s English is a unique English language course based on the popular children’s character, Pingu™. The program uses a wide variety of imaginative activities and multimedia resources to teach children of 3-8+ years the vital skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. The unique methodology of Pingu’s English is developed by the UK based Linguaphone Group, a global language training provider operating in over 40 countries worldwide.

Mr Demetris Panayi, the director of D.P. Taking Care of Education Ltd, sees this new partnership as the beginning of a new network of centres, which more language schools around the country will be able to join in the near future. Katerina Photiou, being a successful English teacher herself and a language school owner will have the opportunity to introduce Pingu’s English to her existing school students as well as working closely with local kindergartens and hopes to make a major contribution to the community’s educational standards.

Mrs Katerina Photiou, said, “I am very excited about being part of the Pingu’s English family as it is a complete course which offers young children the opportunity to learn English in a fun way and most importantly focuses on all four skills of a foreign language, something which is not seen very often in young learners’ courses. I hope to spread the passion I have for Pingu’s English to as many young children as possible! I feel very proud that my institute is the second centre in Limassol providing this course. ESL is becoming increasingly popular for younger ages in recent years in Cyprus, therefore starting off this journey with a globally recognised course is very important to me as a teacher and as a parent.”

For more information on opening your own Pingu’s English School in Cyprus, or enrolling your child in Pingu’s English please visit

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