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Direct English arrives in Italy: 10 locations, business and private course offerings, and a plan for

The launch of the website kicks off a communication plan featuring a 300,000 Euro investment in advertising and an online brand presence across the leading social networks. The summer sales promotion begins: up to nine weeks of free English lessons for all new enrollees.

Direct English, the brand specialized in providing English language courses for adults both for the consumer market and for business clients, has arrived in Italy with the inauguration of 10 offices (2 in Rome, and 1 each in Reggio Emilia, Parma, Pavia, Crema, Brescia, Verona, Mestre, and Treviso), as well as an online communication campaign kicked off with the launch of the website.

Launched internationally in 1997 as part of the Linguaphone Group, today Direct English has an established presence in 14 markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and boasts over 100,000 participants in its learning programs every year.

Direct English places people, in particular its students, at the heart of its approach, building relationships that revolve around several key words: entertain, engage, and uncover just how far you can go with the English language. The brand’s philosophy, in fact, is based on a concept of travel and discovery: learning English becomes an opportunity for students to expand the horizon of their own passions, to discover new cultures and realities, to travel, to work, and to be part of the modern world. All this is embodied within the slogan “Go Far, Go Direct English”.

Direct English has implemented an innovative learning methodology that adapts to the abilities, goals, and lifestyles of its clients through tailor-made, flexible training programs that allow students to learn when and where they wish. Courses are customized with different yet mutually complementary activities created based on the interests, passions, and needs of each student: in this way, students are engaged in individual paths of study calibrated both to their level of knowledge of the language and to their personal profile.

Part of the online communication plan is the launch of the new website, developed to meet the needs of its clients and defined by its ease of use, an intuitive design, and a “gaming” concept. On the Home Page, visitors are greeted with the “How good is your English?” test, to help them understand their level of English and the best possible learning solution for them through an easy, intuitive game. The game examines their level of understanding of the English language through a fun, interactive questionnaire that probes the interests and passions of each student in order to assess their level of knowledge on topics of interest to them (sport, travel, food & cooking, and TV & cinema).

At the end of the game users are classified into 4 profiles: newborn, child, adolescent, and adult. Users can then choose to share their results on social networks, challenge their friends, request more information, or become a VIP member to gain access to special offers and discounts at the location nearest them.

The exclusive sales promotion for all new enrolees in Direct English courses has also shifted into gear, offering the chance to attend the Direct Summer course free of charge for up to 9 weeks. The course will be offered until 9 August at all locations in Italy.

“We are very excited to finally launch Direct English here in Italy; we have great faith in this market and its manifold possibilities for growth,” stated Claudio Bargiacchi, CEO of Direct English Italia. “Indeed, today in Italy the English language has become highly pervasive, amounting to 71%, but that pervasion is not matched by the concrete ability of Italians to use English correctly. Thanks to our locations throughout Italy, we aim to listen to the needs of our clients and to offer every student an engaging, entertaining, direct experience.”

The communication campaign has also established the brand’s online presence on the leading social networks (Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook ).

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Information about Direct English

Direct English is one of the most effective English language programs in the world and is part of Linguaphone Group, a global leader in learning programs. Launched worldwide in 1997, Direct English is a brand of the Linguaphone Group and is based on the learning system designed by Louis Alexander (1932-2002), a former member of the Council of Europe Committee on Modern Language Teaching and the author of English language course materials and studies. Today, Direct English has a presence in 14 markets, with partnerships established in Europe, Asia, and the Far and Middle East, and with approximately 100,000 students participating in its learning programs worldwide each year.

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