Pingu's English course overview

Pingu's English LogoPingu's English is a highly flexible, pedagogically sound children's English course for young learners aged 3 - 7+ years old.

The 3-level American English course is centred around a spiral syllabus, premium quality multimedia course material and extensive teacher/parent support resources, all developed by an experienced team of English language and creative experts.

Each level is broken down into 12 units within a minimum of 72 teaching hours. 


The learning system

Pingu's English caters for all learning abilities and styles.

Whether your child responds better to moving images, pictures, songs, listening to stories, playing games or making things with their hands, the wide variety of activities and materials within Pingu's Engilsh covers the whole range of learning styles.  There's plenty of opportunity for your child to hear, practise, develop and play with their new language in a way that suits their unique, individual learning style best.

Pingu And His Family And FriendsThroughout each level of the course, the main focus is on communication between child and teacher, and child and child using activities based on themes and topics that reflect daily life and interests.

Within each unit, your child encounters four types of learning experience:

  • Introduction where new language is introduced
  • Expansion to fully explain, reinforce and personalise the language learned
  • Consolidation to use and practise the language learned through a variety of activities
  • Review and Assessment to monitor progress throughout the course

Centred around home, play and school as shown in the Pingu television episodes, the creative learning activities, combined with the high quality, multimedia materials and teaching resources, help your child to become confident in their use and understanding of the English language.


The spiral syllabus

Pingu's English is based on a spiral, topic-based syllabus that teaches all four language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading in the order in which they naturally occur.

The language taught is delivered in usable, meaningful chunks over a period of time, with grammar learned in the course of communication - exactly the same way children learn their own native language. 

Each of the 12 units in a level covers a different theme such as politeness, relationships, naming things and describing things.  Within these themes are topics such as greetings and numbers.  The revision of the same language item or topic within these themes occurs throughout each level of the course to reinforce the language learned. 

Research shows that we understand best when we combine new knowledge with 'old' knowledge so that new words are more easily absorbed in a sentence pattern which the children already know. Thus, in addition to the words that are actively taught throughout the course, other English language words and grammar are heard on a regular basis and therefore passively acquired by the child.


Additional Skills Taught

Whilst the primary aim of Pingu's English is to teach English, it is as much the additional skills the children acquire as it is the vocabulary itself that will allow your child to get the most out of Pingu's English.

Social, linguistic and educational life skills provide a solid foundation not only for further English studies, but also for general education.  Cooperation through pair-work and group work, how to listen to instructions, motor skills for pencil control and letter recognition, creative skills and basic computer skills are just some of the additional benefits of Pingu's English.

Reviewing your child's development

Pingu's English reviews your child's progress throughout the course, so you know how they are developing. However, for those that are looking for a formal and independent assessment of their studies, please read more about our new collaboration with University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. This will allow participating Pingu's English Schools to act as official test centers for Cambridge's renowned Young Learners English: Starters test.


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