Pingu's English course material

Pingu's English Course MaterialPingu’s English provides an extensive range of interactive multimedia course materials and learning resources for your child, you (the parent) and your child's teacher.

Centred around home, play and school as shown in the award-winning Pingu television episodes, each level of Pingu’s English includes:

  • Student Study Pack
  • Student Support Resources
  • Teaching resources

Student Activity pack

Pingu's English Level 1 Course Material Packshot

The Student Activity Pack contains the core teaching materials for each level of Pingu's English:

  • 1 x Letters and Numbers Book and DVD
  • 1 x Pinguland Mat and 10 Figurines
  • 1 x Pingu's English Height and Progress Chart and Stickers
  • 1 x Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 1 x Alphabet Frieze
  • 1 x Number Frieze
  • 1 x Pingu's English Backpack
  • 1 x Colouring Boook and Pens
  • 1 x 'More Adventures with Pingu' DVD (6 unseen episodes)

The materials are divided into two parts for each level: Part 1 contains Units 1 - 6 whilst Part 2 contains Units 7 - 12.

The Student Activity Pack covers all three levels and provides additional practice and reinforcement materials.  Amongst other material, it includes a bonus DVD with six unseen Pingu television episodes and a bilingual Parent's Guide to help the parent become involved in their child's development and monitor his/her progress at home.


Teacher and Parent support resources

For the teacher, there's a Teacher's Guide and Teacher's Manuals:

  • The Teacher's Guide provides an introduction to the course structure, methodology and use of materials, as well as general advice and tips on how to maximise the learning process and encourage each child to practise and use their new skills as much as possible.
  • The Teacher's Manuals contain detailed lesson plans including step-by-step instructions on how to guide the children through the lessons of each unit.


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