Linguaphone Group Actively Seeks Master Licensees For The Russian Federation And Eastern Europe Region At BuyBrand 2004 In Moscow

22nd September 2004


Direct English Exhibits In MoscowDirect English, the fast-growing global network of English language training centres, is exhibiting at Expofar BuyBrand 2004 in Moscow from the 22nd to the 24th September 2004.

As part of its latest global recruitment campaign, Direct English is looking to meet prospective Master Licensees for the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe region.

Direct English is part of the Linguaphone Group, the world’s leading provider of assisted learning and distance learning training solutions. A pioneer in the field of language learning for over 100 years, the Linguaphone Group is recognised worldwide as the authority on language training.

The Group's network spans the globe offering innovative English language training through a network of over 68 assisted learning training centres in 18 countries and, an extensive array of distance learning products in more than 15 languages, sold in over 60 countries to in excess of 7 million customers.


Direct English

Direct English was developed after five years of research into the language training requirements of adult learners, focusing on both the traditional school and distance learning methodologies.

Direct English training centres combine a proven mix of distance learning and tutor support to suit the specific needs of the individual learner. The syllabus and bilingual multimedia course materials have been developed by Louis Alexander, the internationally recognised world authority on English language learning, and employ the latest in teaching technology.

The unique Direct English learning system gives customers the flexibility to study around their professional and personal life – allowing them to choose where and when they want to learn, at a pace that suits their individual learning capabilities and objectives. The combination of personal study, tutorials and conversation classes gives customers the most effective and flexible English language training available today.


The Linguaphone Group Master Licence Business Opportunity

“We believe licensing is the best route to global expansion of the Linguaphone Group” says Derek Price, Managing Director, International English Language Training. “We have a concept which is well captialised, can be transferred easily to others and where we have considerable experience, expertise and resources on which our partner network can draw upon.”

Whilst the investment required varies from country to country, as a global average, becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee is likely to require a total investment of 542,000 Euros. The Master Licensee will be in an enviable position to:

  • Provide highly flexible, premium quality English language courses through a network of Direct English branded training centres
  • Distribute the extensive range of complementary Linguaphone assisted learning and distance learning products, either within their existing training centre network or through retail and direct to market channels

Growth of the Master Licence will be through either an existing business network or the opening of new multiple centres through sub-licensing, alongside the growth potential of the distance learning market.

The Master Licensee will receive two weeks of initial training as well as comprehensive, on-going support from the Linguaphone Group team based in the UK.

“We’re looking for business leaders who want a new commercial challenge, individuals or corporate investors who recognise the high potential of this unique business opportunity, who can deal with people from all walks of life and who have the experience to appoint and lead a strong management team.”

Derek Price, Managing Director and Mark Simpson, Sales Director of the International ELT division can be found at the Direct English stand throughout the duration of BuyBrand 2004 in Moscow.




For further information, please contact:

Diana Lott
Head of Marketing
International ELT
Linguaphone Group
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8687 6115
Fax: +44 (0)20 8687 6410


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