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The Investment Required As A Linguaphone Group Master LicenseeThe Linguaphone Group Master Licence requires a total personal and financial commitment from you.

Due to the variations that exist around the world in both market potential and the cost structure associated with all businesses, it is difficult to stipulate a standard level of capital that a Master Licensee will need to invest.

Whilst the specific investment required will vary in different markets, as an average projection of investment, in our experience, each Master Licence business will incur estimated set-up costs of approximately $300,000 to $500,000*.  This figure includes equipment and fixtures, a stock of language teaching aids, training and all the necessary working capital to successfully establish the business.

Of course, for businesses with an established infrastructure, such as existing IT or English language providers, a substantial amount of the infrastructure and equipment needed is already in place, so the figure is significantly reduced.

By investing in the Linguaphone Group Master Licence, you will potentially have the exclusive rights to the Direct English, Linguaphone and Pingu's English brand names, products and services for your chosen territory, along with full access to the Linguaphone Group Head Office team, business systems and resources. 

You are then able, and indeed encouraged, to sub-licence these rights within your territory to help you establish and grow a network of licensed centres in the various towns and cities of the country. 

We would anticipate our most successful Master Licensees achieving network turnover in excess of $38m per annum within the first 7 years of operation.

Potential Network Turnover

Potential Network Turnover For Linguaphone Group Master Licensee

Potential Operating Profit

Potential Operating Profit For Linguaphone Group Master Licensee

The potential rewards are indicative only and dependent on a number of variables.

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Contact Us Today To Become A Linguaphone Group Master LicenseeIf you like the sound of what you have read and are interested in finding out more about becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee, then contact us today on +44 20 8687 6104 or email for further details.  Alternatively, complete and submit our Online Enquiry Form.

When we meet, we will be able to tell you much more about the potentially high rewards of becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee.

In the meantime, why not start formulating your business plan...research your market size, the customers you want to target and how you will market to them, the costs of renting property space and the cost of recruiting tutors.

Don't let this business opportunity of a lifetime pass you by.  It could be the major business opportunity you have been waiting for.


* Notes

LG & DE Limited makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information provided. Potential Master Licensees are advised to seek their own independent financial and legal advice before making any investment decision.  Costs are based on global averages and are indicative only.  Countries that enjoy lower costs of trade can expect the capital requirements to be substantially lower.

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