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Pingu's English Children's English Language Learning SystemLearning the English language is now seen as an essential part of a child's education and future prosperity.

Indeed, the prime language learning years of children are those before and in pre-school.  Research** shows that people who learn a second language at a younger age are more likely to have more advanced grey matter than those who learn later.

Pingu's English is a highly flexible, pedagogically sound English for Young Learners' course, centred around a spiral syllabus, premium quality multimedia course material and extensive teacher/parent support resources.

** University College London 2006

Our Unique Learning Methodology

Our Unique Children's English Language Learning MethodologyPingu's English uniquely combines a fully integrated, pedagogically sound English language learning methodology with a high entertainment value.

Aimed at the 3-7+ year-old learner, the 3-level American English course:

  1. Combines the fun and engaging Pingu brand name and character set with the language learning expertise of the Linguaphone Group - a unique combination that is difficult for competitors to emulate
  2. Caters for all learning styles of pre-school children in all markets, offering more choice and flexibility than any other English for Young Learners training provider
  3. Uses a wide variety of multimedia training materials for the child, the parent and the teacher, from study books, song and story books, audio CDs and DVDs to high value online content including testing, exercises and activities
  4. Ensures a gradual building of knowledge from level to level, centred around four key types of learning experience: Presentation, Consolidation, Activity, Review and Test
  5. Provides valuable lessons in respect of socialisation, as well as numeracy and computer skills, all developed around a central set of Pingu animation and delivered with an exceptional level of customer service
  6. Maintains a significantly lower overhead structure than is possible with traditional children's English schools
  7. Offers the potential for a significantly higher than average return on capital employed
  8. Is driven by a high margin, added value premium service
  9. Offers additional merchandising and product distribution potential of the character set created or acquired through existing HIT Entertainment Limited licensees
  10. Is part of the Linguaphone Group, one of the global leaders in English language training with over 100 years of language teaching and international experience to call upon


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