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English The Global Language Of Commerce And The InternetEnglish is the global language of communication, in business and in life. 

Increasingly, a command of the English language is viewed not just as a useful business tool, but as a fundamental life skill for adults and children alike.  It's the one language that provides a common ground for communications everywhere, for people young and old, from all walks of life. 

In a global market currently estimated at $15 billion, the teaching of English is a continual growth market for which there has recently been an incredible surge in demand - a heightened level of demand that is expected to continue for many more years.

It's a market that's wide open to those with the energy and drive to succeed in setting up a business within the security of an established licensed partner network.

Backed by the Linguaphone Group, the global leader in English language training, as a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee you will have over 100 years of language training and international experience to call upon.

Our Success is Your Success

Partnered with us, you will be able to draw on all our experience, knowledge and success:

  • A Mutually Rewarding Business PartnershipExperience that will help you to achieve a high level of business success and bring you profitable rewards
  • Experience and knowledge that has earned us our reputation as the world's authority on language training
  • Experience, knowledge and success that continues to keep us at the forefront of developments in language training and technology

For Licensees with the right calibre of leadership, motivation, energy and experience, the Linguaphone Group Master Licence opportunity offers the potential of a challenging, highly rewarding and profitable investment return - a level of return that positions our business proposition at the forefront of the English teaching and franchise and licence markets.

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Master Licence Business Opportunities

Find out why becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee is a business opportunity you can't afford to ignore.

English Language Training Master Licence Business Opportunities

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