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Unique English Language Learning SystemLinguaphone Group Licensees do not simply sell language products.  They sell a service - an integrated, fully supported English language training solution.

Developed by world-leading language learning experts, our highly marketable adult English language learning system ensures quality of product, added value, customer service and flexibility are all key differentiators between ourselves and any competition.

It works by combining personal study using highly interactive, bilingual materials with a programme of tutorials, conversation classes, multimedia classes, online learning and social activities that take place in our training centres.  It is an established system that is proven to increase learner comprehension and confidence and thereby deliver high quality, cost-effective English language training with a 70% retention rate.

Simply put, our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres are much more than just language schools.  They provide a learning system based on conversational English, with a clear methodology and structure that puts the customer first.

Our Unique Learning System

  1. Caters for all learning styles in all markets, within all budgets, offering more choice than any other English language training provider, from 1:1 training to groups of 10 or more
  2. Caters to each and every individual learner's needs, from the general consumer to young professionals and the corporate executive, from beginner to advanced learner
  3. Provides a complete language service with a product and service combination that allows for maximum flexibility - a combination that is difficult for competitors to emulate
  4. Tailors courses to fit into each customer's busy work commitments and lifestyle
  5. Uses an array of premium quality multimedia training materials from course books, audio CDs and videos to high-value online content and tests, offering learners the opportunity to study whenever and wherever they want
  6. Ensures a gradual building of knowledge from level to level, centred around the individual's own learning pace, building their confidence and language skills from day one
  7. Delivers a high level of customer-oriented service but maintains a significantly lower overhead structure than is possible with traditional schools
  8. Is driven by a high margin, added value premium service
  9. Offers the potential for a significantly higher than average return on capital employed
  10. Is backed by the Linguaphone Group, the global leader in English language training with over 100 years of language training and international experience to call upon

A Learning System That Meets the Individual Learner's Needs

A Learning System Tailored To The Needs Of The Individual LearnerThe Linguaphone Group assisted learning methodology is all about offering the learner choices. They decide how, when and where they want to learn English.  We provide the assistance they need to help them achieve their goals.

Whatever their age, profession, learning ability or budget, each Direct English and Linguaphone Centre is able to offer a course that meets each and every individual learner's learning needs and requirements. 

A course that is tailored to their lifestyle and interests.

A course that simply delivers the results they expect, giving them the confidence and motivation they need to learn English to the level they desire.

Our premium quality bilingual multimedia materials and learning system address their real individual needs.  They're academically sound with content centred on a methodology that makes sure the learning process is engaging, successful and, just as importantly, enjoyable.

Our centres are easily accessible with many in the heart of a city centre.  They're modern, bright and welcoming too, run by highly competent, motivated and caring staff who are passionate about making sure the learner achieves their goals when it comes to learning and speaking English confidentally.

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By becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee you will be running a business that helps your customers master their English language skills - it is a unique business opportunity that offers an enormous growth potential as well as a rewarding social experience.

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