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The Fundamental Life Skills IT And English LanguageIn a world of increasing global competitiveness, the need to show a proven ability in English is closely shadowed by the requirement for IT skills.

Fluency, or a high degree of aptitude, in the English language is a fundamental life skill

Fluency, or a high degree of aptitude, in computer programs is a fundamental life skill

Both these statements are a matter of fact.  Any adult that is not properly equipped in both of these skills is already severley disadvantaged within corporate life, the training environment and, increasingly, socially.

The synergies between computer training and English language teaching are therefore clear.

Clear Synergies with Existing IT Training Companies

It's not surprising then that some of the Linguaphone Group's Master Licensees are also leaders in IT training services.

Al-Khaleej Training & Education Company - Linguaphone Group Master Licensee for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States

Direct English In Saudi ArabiaOne such partner that has successfully extended their brand, and subsequently market share, by offering both English language and IT training is our Master Licensee for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, Al-Khaleej Training & Education Company.  They have been one of our long established and successful Master Licensees since 1998 with centres throughout the Kingdom and Gulf.

"Direct English is truly the future of English language training.  Busy professionals need a flexible learning course where they make rapid progress, enhance their career prospects and above all succeed in their goals." says Alwaleed Aldryaan, Director of Al-Khaleej Training & Education Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Grupo Unicenter

Another such partner is our Master Licensee in Portugal, Grupo Unicenter.  An existing Microsoft Certified partner, a Corel training partner and authorised provider of the ECDL course and certificate, among many others, Unicenter also offers, as a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee, a fully integrated operation offering tailored English language training solutions to corporate customers and invidividual courses to retail customers.

Clear Synergies with Existing English Language Training Companies

It may at first appear a little strange but there are also clear synergies for existing English language training providers to become a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee too.

English Language Training Company SynergiesWhy?  Because even though existing English language training companies already have a suite of courses, materials, centres and tutors, by becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee they will be able to uniquely stretch their existing range of services to a wider, and possibly previously untapped, group of learners, whilst leveraging their existing resources.  In so doing, they will be able to take advantage of our highly efficient use of overheads with the obvious benefits of profitability and, importantly, increase their market share in the English language training marketplace.

Pagoda Academy Inc

It is for this exact reason that our Master Licensee in South Korea, Pagoda Academy Inc, were attracted to our Master Licence business proposition and have been one of our long-term and successful partners since 1997.

"We have great plans for developing the Direct English business, and the weight of the Linguaphone Group connection combined with the dedication and commitment of our staff will, I'm sure, be an important factor in the business' continuing future success." says Ms Kyung Sil Park, President of Pagoda Academy Inc, a major chain of language schools in South Korea with over 50,000 students a month.

Egyptian American Center (EAC)

Another such partner is our Master Licensee in Egypt, Egyptian American Center.  Founded in 1998, EAC is one of the most prominent specialised centres for continuing education in Egypt offering language studies in English, French, Italian, German and Arabic, as well as business studies, management studies and teacher training courses to corporate customers and individual courses to retail customers.

"Now we are able to meet the needs of all adult English language learners in Egypt.  We can offer learners two options: Direct English courses where the learner has maximum flexibility to study wherever and whenever they want or, our existing corpus of courses that offer a more rigid classroom schedule. Whatever the student's objectives and restrictions are, we have a course that will make sure they succeed in learning English to the highest standard" says Dr Zaki, Dean of the Egyptian American Center in Alexandria.

Time Education Group

Time Education Group, our Master Licensee in Turkey, is yet another example.  Founded in 1998, English Time, part of the Time Education Group, is the fastest growing language school in the country, offering quality year-round English language training within a number of well-established centres throughout Turkey.

By becoming a Linguaphone Group Master Licensee, English Time has strategically broadened their market share and target audience within their existing centre network. For limited additional cost, Time Education Group are now well placed to meet the needs of all adult English language learners in Turkey, with Direct English and English Time courses running in parallel.


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