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The Direct English Learning System was developed by Louis Alexander, a world-renowned authority on English language syllabus design and materials development and the author of many successful textbooks and grammars.

A Range of Learning Articles by Louis Alexander

Louis wrote the articles below especially for Direct English customers to provide them with help and advice throughout their studies.

  15 Basic Facts About English (Numbers 1-4) Presentation
  15 Basic Facts About English (Numbers 5-7) Question-Word Questions and Answers
  15 Basic Facts About English (Numbers 8-11) Relevance
  15 Basic Facts About English (Numbers 12-15) Study Guide for Conversation
  Accuracy and Fluency Study Guide for Silent Reading
  Argument Syllabus (1)
  Business English Syllabus (2)
  English Fast Text-Based Learning
  Flexibility The Basis of Conversation
  Grammar The Best Method
  Habit Formation The English We Hear
  Images The Natural Way
  Input and Output The Textbook As An Aid to Learning
  Interaction Thinking in English
  Is English Easy or Difficult? Transaction
  Isn't It Video 
  Language and Culture What About The Teacher?
  Language in Context Why American English?
  Listen To This! Why Choose Direct English?
  Motivation Word Order
  Natural English Part 1 Yes/No Questions and Answers
  Natural English Part 2  

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