The Most Straightforward Way To Learn English

Conversational English Language CoursesOur approach to learning English emphasises real conversational English from your very first lesson.  It's a unique approach that:

  • Optimises learner comprehension
  • Maximises learner confidence
  • Is flexible
  • Is inspiring
  • Is fun

All our materials, methodologies and tutorials are designed to make learning and speaking real world, day-to-day English quick and enjoyable.  It's the world's most straightforward English language learning system. And the most successful.

It's Simple

Our system for learning English is simple.  We do it by talking and listening to you.

It works because we do the one thing language schools don't.  We get to know you:

  • We find out about your ambitions, objectives, experiences, needs and abilities
  • We get to know your business and social lifestyle
  • We even find out what makes you laugh - learning doesn't have to be dull!

It's a system that is based not just on understanding language, but on understanding how we naturally learn it.

It's Effective

Effective English Language CoursesWhile you take responsibility for your own learning, we ensure you get all the support and encouragement you need at every stage of your studies, with a lifeline to direct tuition built into the system. 

Developed by leading academic and learning experts, our unique syllabus, bilingual multimedia teaching materials and programme of face-to-face tutorials, conversation and multimedia classes and centre-organised social activities are all 100% integrated, delivering the results you expect and demand.

Our syllabus reflects how language is learned naturally, introducing grammar and language points right away and encouraging you to speak English right from the very start.  We then return to these various points as your language skills and vocabulary develop.  This, in turn, reinforces what has already been learned. 

Knowing you can't fall behind is invaluable....and effective.  If you don't grasp something right away, you'll know it will be revisited later. 

This, plus the constant guidance and encouragement we provide at every stage of your learning, develops the skills, motivation and confidence you need to speak English in all situations.  The confidence we believe is the basis for success.  The confidence that makes more people re-enrol with us for the next stage of learning than with any other language school.

It's Flexible & Convenient for You

Flexible English Language CoursesLanguage learning demands your time and commitment. The difference with us is that you can study when, where and how you want, with all the encouragement and help you need.

There are no regimented classes or rigid schedules you need to adhere to, so you can combine personal study with tutorials, conversation classes and multimedia classes, at times that suit you, without putting your life on hold. 

You can also take a break and rejoin later at the same level if you need to.

It's Tailored & Relevant to You

To us, no-one is ever just a face in a classroom. Instead, we create a course that's individually tailored to you.  One that focuses on you and what you can do, not what you have learned.

Everyone has different learning abilities and needs so we start out by finding out the pace of study you're happy with.  We discuss with you when, where and how you want to learn so you can fit your course around your lifestyle - not the other way around! 

Unlike most other English language training providers, it is our belief that people overcome problems quicker if explanations are given in their own language.  That's why our tutors are bilingual teachers - experienced and qualified in teaching English, and often a native speaker of the country the centre is based in, so you can rest assured they understand the problems you're experiencing with English first-hand. 

They'll listen and talk, not simply instruct.  They'll quickly and easily guide you through the issues and stumbling blocks you're facing, ensuring you feel motivated and positive.  In fact, we offer more teacher/learner contact hours than many other English language training providers.

Not only that but, as a lot of your studying happens away from the centre, your course materials are in your native language too, leaving you free to concentrate on the important things - learning English!

Learning Advice

Expert help and advice throughout your studies from the world-renowned authority on English language learning - Louis Alexander.

English Language Learning Advice From Louis Alexander

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