Learning English With Full Tutor-Support

Linguaphone English Language Training Centre ChinaAt our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world, we don't teach you English, we listen to what you've learned.  We don't even have classrooms. 

Instead, our complete English language learning service consists of a balanced mix of personal study and tutorials, backed up by conversation classes, multimedia classes, online learning and social activities.  They're all interwoven together to encourage you to learn and improve your conversational English skills.

Direct English English Language Training CentreIt's a language learning service based on a learning system that revolves around you:

  • A system centred around your abilities, experiences and motivation
  • A system that's built to work around your life, not the other way around, to make learning real world, day-to-day English straightforward, quick and enjoyable
  • A system that gives you a lifeline to a training centre for all the support and motivation you need to succeed
  • A system that builds your confidence every step of the way by focusing on what you can do and not what you have learned

Using this proven and highly effective method, learning English with the Linguaphone Group delivers the results you demand. 

We have a course for everyone, whatever your learning ability, current knowledge and reasons for studying the English language.

Learning English: What Our Customers Say

How Our Learning System Works

Our unique learning system combines personal study with a programme of tutorials, conversation classes, multimedia classes, online learning and social activities - all to ensure you progress quickly and confidentally through your studies and, just as importantly, have fun while you learn!

Step 1: Getting to Know You

English Language Courses Tailored To YouWhen you first enter your local Direct English or Linguaphone Centre, you will be met by a Customer Services Manager.  They will explain our unique learning system and, more importantly, discuss your language needs. 

They will want to fully understand how quickly you want to progress, your reasons for learning English and the time you have to study each day. 

Step 2: Establishing the Right Level for You

Learn English At The Right Level For YouAfter your consultation, you will take a computer-based test that will establish your level of English.  The Customer Services Manager will guide you through this test and discuss your results with you to ensure you start at a level you feel comfortable with. 

Step 3: Beginning Your Studies

Bilingual English Language Training Course MaterialOnce you have enrolled on the level agreed between you and the Customer Services Manager, you will be given your first set of materials to take away. 

Tailor-made for our learning system, these bilingual materials are yours to keep and include course books, video material and audio CDs.  They're practical, easy to use and designed to make the learning process as simple and flexible as possible, freeing you to concentrate on learning the English that you need. 

You will be encouraged to work through these materials in your own time, either at home or, if time allows, at work.  Or, you can book space at your local training centre. 

Step 4: Guiding and Supporting You

Guiding And Supporting You In Learning EnglishOnce you have completed a unit of study, at a pace agreed at the start of your studies, you will attend a tutorial at your training centre.  Arranged for a time that suits you, these tutorials are core to the success of our learning system.  Tailor-made for you and your individual needs, they are your opportunity to show your tutor that you understand the work you have been doing. 

At each tutorial, you and your bilingual tutor will revise the material you have studied, discuss the results of your self-tests, answer any queries you have and discuss the next unit of material you will be studying.

You can also attend conversation classes at the centre to practise speaking with others at the same level as you. 

Step 5: Practising What You Have Learned

Practising Your English Language SkillsAs an integral part of your course, we encourage you to attend as many conversation classes at the centre as you can.  Let by native English speakers, you will discuss topical issues with other learners - all the time practising what you have learned, building your confidence and developing your fluency in real life conversation.

A specially-designed CD-Rom for speaking practice is also available for use at multimedia stations in your training centre.  This comprises the course video with further fluency and pronunciation features including the ability to record and playback your voice.

Step 6: Monitoring Your Progress

Monitoring Your Progress To Speak The English LanguageRegular assessments keep you focused on your studies too. 

Tests and exercises are incorporated throughout our material and at each stage of the learning process to help give you a clear understanding of how you are progressing - building your confidence and that all important sense of progress and achievement.


Step 7: Learning Online

English Language Online LearningAn integral part of our tutor-supported English language courses and course materials, and our interactive Online Modules ensure your understanding of the language and development of key skills is fast, enjoyable and thorough.

Step 8: Having Fun While You Learn

Learning English Is FunAs part of our intention to get you developing your fluency in the real world, each centre also has an advanced social programme that includes meals out, presentations by local business people, video and games nights, seminars, networking groups and other events. 

As well as helping test your English in as many varied situations, these social activities show you just how much fun you can have while you learn!  Alternatively, you can simply relax and meet friends in the centre's cafe and/or social area.

Distance Learning English Language Courses

Distance Learning Language CoursesIn addition to our tutor-supported English language courses, we also offer a range of distance learning English courses for those who prefer to study entirely in their own time, at their own pace.

To find out more, visit the Distance Learning Language Courses section of this website or click here

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