Expand, Test And Practise Your English Online

Test And Practice Your English OnlineAt the Linguaphone Group, we know the time you have to practise and perfect your English is precious - even limited. 

That's why you can now expand, practise and test your knowledge of the English language, at anytime of the day or night, with the Linguaphone Group's online learning resources.

An integral part of our assisted learning offering and English language course materials, our unique interactive Online Modules ensure you keep your English skills right up to date.

Using a rich set of interactive, stimulating and engaging material, you'll learn expressions and colloquial language used every day by native English and American speakers, whilst building on and practising what you have already learned. It means your understanding of the language and development of key skills is fast, enjoyable and thorough.

Daily English

Daily English Online English Language LearningDaily English provides an unrivalled selection of global quality media in one unique system.  Delivered online, it expands your vocabulary and tests your knowledge via article and broadcast programmes accompanied by article notes, exercises, vocabulary and grammar notes written by a team of qualified teachers, editors and language experts. 

Grammar Section

Written by a team of qualified teachers, editors and language experts, this section is devoted to a whole host of subjects to reinforce and refresh your knowledge and understanding of key points of grammar.


Comprehension exercises and a grammar workshop allow you to test your understanding and practise what you have learned.

Graded Articles

Each article has a unique, independent learning objective, graded from intermediate to advanced based on Council of Europe levels.

Online Modules

Learn And Practive English Online The Linguaphone Group’s Online Modules are an invaluable resource to apply and build on what you have learned throughout your studies.

They provide a mixture of over 60 fun and stimulating exercises and activities designed to practise and improve your understanding of English. Reinforcing the grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure you have learned to date across a full range of subject areas, our Online Modules are an easy-to-use, effective way to enhance your English language skills, at any time of the day or night!

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