So How Are We Different?

The Linguaphone Group is at the forefront of English language education with over 200 English language training centres in 25 countries around the world, operating under the Direct English and Linguaphone brand names. 

Our courses, materials and training centres reflect our heritage, understanding and experience of how language is learned naturally, with exemplary world-class customer support and care provided at all times.

Pedagogical Soundness

Learn English: Guiding And Supporting You Our tutor-supported learning system is built on three major learning stages which are tried and tested ways of reflecting the human learning process:

  • Building (the Presentation Stage)
  • Consolidating (the Learning and Study Stage)
  • Expanding (the Practice Stage)

Highly Developed Syllabus

Learn English: Highly Developed Cyclical SyllabusOur cyclical syllabus is designed for maximum communication.  It allows you to confidentally use your English from the earliest stages of your studies, at the same time as systematically covering all the major elements of English grammar.

The syllabus of Direct English has been developed from the one used for Louis Alexander’s Follow Me - the most successful TV, classroom and self-study course ever published.  The syllabus of Linguaphone's assisted learning course has been developed by academic experts under the close supervision of the Linguaphone Academic Advisory Committee.

Highly Developed Methodology

Learn English: Flexible Easy MethodologyThe methodology we use to teach English is designed to train you systematically in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time anticipating and dealing with likely questions you might have at every stage of the learning process.

High Entertainment Value

Learn English: Have Fun While You LearnThe audio and video components of our course material are both engaging and motivating.  The situations are memorable and you will immediately become involved in them. The books too avoid the dry and boring look many associate with academic textbooks of today.

Truly Interactive

Learn English: Interactive And SupportiveOnline, audio CD, video and CD-Rom resources ensure that our materials will appeal to learners who like to make use of the latest educational technology, without alienating those who like to work in more traditional ways.

Synergies with IT Training

English Language Courses And IT Training SynergiesFluency in both the English language and computer programs is, today, a fundamental life skill for all ages.  Any adult that is not fully equipped with both skills is at a disadvantage at work in the corporate world and, increasingly, socially. 

It is indeed for this reason that some of our licensed partners around the world are able to provide not only an extensive range of English and other language training courses but, unique to the Linguaphone Group network, Information Technology training too.

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