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Pingu's English Language Training CoursesDirect English is one of the most effective English language programs in the world.Provided by the Linguaphone Group, a global leader in language training based in the UK, its unique methodology helps thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication - English. And the numbers keep on growing.

Created in 1997, Direct English is based on a unique learning system developed by the world-famous English language learning expert, Louis Alexander, and is one of the most effective English language training programs available today. It has already proved to be a huge success across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Your success is next.

Unlike so many other English language courses, Direct English works because it fits around you. The course is tailored to your abilities and goals, progresses at your own pace and adapts around your work and lifestyle commitments. So you have the flexibility to study just the way you want. The result? You build your confidence from day one and, as a result, reach your goals faster.

With nine levels to choose from plus Business English, Direct English offers more choice than any other English language training system. So whether you're an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, a young professional or a senior corporate executive, Direct English is right for you.

Direct English from the Linguaphone Group has made learning English easy and accessible for adults of all ages and abilities across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. What's more no English language knowledge is necessary. Find out more here at our dedicated Direct English website


Direct English - the English language program that's right for everyone


Language for Life

People learn English with us for so many reasons, to help them get the most out of a trip abroad, for career reasons or simply just to learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, over the next 10-15 years it is projected that two billion people across the globe will be learning it. Shouldn't you be one of them?

Career advancement

English is no longer a 'nice-to-have' skill but a 'got-to-have' skill for everyone who wants to get the most out of today's world – either for business or pleasure. From success at work to getting more from your next trip abroad, learning English opens up a world of possibilities. What are you waiting for?

Direct English for Business

Whether you require training for a group of young professionals in your company or a senior corporate executive. We offer bespoke English language programs for HR managers and companies requiring a strong, flexible and effective strong English language program for their employees as part of their professional development and training program. Find out what Direct English can do for your business today.

What makes Direct English unique?

Unlike so many other English language courses, it works by fitting around the learner with a step-by-ystep course tailored to your ability and goals. It progresses at your pace, adapts around your work and lifestyle commitments and finds the learning style you like best. It ensures you build confidence from day one and, as a result, reach your learning goals faster. Click here to find out more.

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Learning Advice

Expert help and advice throughout your studies from the world-renowned authority on English language learning - Louis Alexander.

English Language Learning Advice From Louis Alexander

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