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"I am very impressed with Direct English's great co-operation and understanding as well as high professionalism in delivering the program.  I can say we always need a great partner like you."
Andreas Sindudharma, Human Resources Division Manager
PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika


"Direct English treat me like a friend, not a customer."
Snr Angelo Smith, Barcelona


"The Direct English conversation classes are helping me to become more confident and better equipped to apply for a company job.  The small size of the classes is particularly effective as it allows the teacher to keep focusing backwards and forwards, or on interactive conversation.  At Direct English my needs are well provided for."
Khun Pataramon Saisawang, a private university graduate


"Direct English is a great place to learn English in a professional and business-like environment.  My confidence is up and it motivates me to improve my English."
Budi Harto, MM, Division Manager of Civil Engineering
PT Wijaya Karya


"Direct English offers the kind of service and professionalism necessary to support companies such as ourselves in the strive to actualise our goals."
Lilis Setiadi, Associate Director, Head of Sales
PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia


"Direct English have helped me to achieve my goal of working in New York - without them I would not have had two fantastic years working for an insurance company there."
Msr Levallois, Paris


"As my boss is a foreigner, my daily work requires me to use all my English language skills.  Direct English offers a system that helps me to learn grammar, vocabulary and written English skills.  The training Direct English provides gives me all I need."
Khun Pantipa Khajapan, Secretary


"Speaking on behalf of the employees concerned, I am happy to assure you that our goals were achieved 100%.  Our objective of 3 months to complete the training was also met.  The tutor was excellent and we were particularly pleased with her ability to adapt to the needs of our individual employees who all work in different areas of the company."
C. Ecoffet, Personal Assistant to the Director
Renault Reims France


"I am on a very tight schedule, and Direct English offers me a flexible timetable which gives me the opportunity to practice more English.  The monthly assessment of my progress also keeps me focused.  At Direct English, I have found what I have been looking for."
Khun Isara Amornrak, member of staff for a private company


"It is a pleasure to express our gratitude in working together with Direct English.  Our employees expressed their satisfaction with the quality of training and care they received.  It is also important to mention that Direct English was carefully selected as our partner in this program, we are confident that a long term relationship is underway."
Mr Mohammed Abdullah Abdulrahman, Head of Training and Human Resources Department Unit
Dubai Justice Department


"It was great to notice that after only a few sessions of studying I was able to follow and participate in negotiations and to write business letters far more easily.  Business English is excellent and I can recommend it to anybody who works in international business and who wants to invest in their career."
Sirpa Tvominen, Secretary


"I have studied Business English through Linguaphone and the result is that I am now very confident in the language.  My pronunciation has improved no end and I no longer waste time re-writing letters - once is now enough.  The course is also functioning as a reference work and the company is very pleased that I took the initiative to improve my English.  Personally, I have no hesitation in stating that it is the best course I've ever taken."
Rolf Nilsen, Norwegian Telecom Research Department


"Our company merged with one of the world's largest advertising agencies.  This of course means that we today have more contact with international sub-contractors and sister companies.  The demand for business English very soon became apparent.  I completed Linguaphone's Business English course in less than 6 months and today many of the people I speak to say that I could be English."
Gerd Saether, DMMB and B Lund and Lommer, Norway

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