Corporate in-house English language training programs

Corporate In House Company English Language Training CoursesThe Linguaphone Group opens a wealth of possibilities to corporate clients the world over, enabling you to compete more effectively on a local and international scale without the loss of productive employee working time.

Using our Direct English and Business English materials and methodology, we work closely with you to plan courses around the specific requirements of your company and those of the individual employees. 

We take into consideration all business and personal commitments, individual abilities and learning styles.  This flexible, highly tailored and personal approach combined with our uniformly high standard of teaching, quality materials and exceptional success rates, gives you the best value for your training budget.

That's why we're the first choice for Training and Human Resource Managers worldwide. 

Just Some of our Clients Around the World

Our approach

Whatever course programme we develop in partnership with you, our cost-effective in-company corporate courses will focus on the unique requirements of your business

To ensure you maximise your training budget, our approach is:


Our exclusive system is comprehensive, motivating, flexible and it works. Programmes match the learning needs of each individual and the business aims of your company, ensuring your employees succeed and your money is well spent. 


Courses are run at your premises, or ours, or a combination of both - whichever you prefer. Times will be the most convenient and cost-effective for you and your employees.


Progress and ability is regularly assessed and acted on. Plus, with a dedicated contact assigned to provide you with regular reports and support, you'll receive an exceptional level of service from someone who cares about your business as much as you do, leaving you to do your job while we do ours.


Whether your company needs individual training for top executives or a group programme, we'll supply the quality materials, expert tuition and first-rate customer service that you'd expect, always ensuring that those completing our courses will enhance and further your business through their command of spoken English.

Our standards are uniformly high. Our success rate is exceptional. We offer the best value for your training budget. We have no clauses, conditions or small print. Our only demand is an equal commitment from those wishing to learn.

The typical in-house corporate course

English Language Training Courses For The Corporate ExecutiveCourses typically last for between 4 and 6 months, during which time your employees will gain an understanding of how English works and how it should be used, specific to your business.  They receive quality course materials with instructions in their own native language - a fact no other training provider can claim.

There are options such as on-site placement tests to establish what the starting level of each learner needs to be.  Regular tests and exercises integrated throughout the learning material assesses their proficiency throughout their studies and helps to keep them focused...while keeping you informed of their progress too through the regular progress reports we provide, so you always know that your training budget is being spent wisely.

Your employees can undertake their personal study at their local Direct English or Linguaphone Centre, at home, or at their place of work.  They can work at their own pace with full support from highly qualified, experienced and bilingual teaching personnel.  Tutorials and conversation classes can be arranged at your offices, our centre, or both, all at times to suit the business commitment of the learner.

A training provider you can rely on

In the global business world of today, you know better than anyone how important it is for your key employees to have an excellent command of English to make a substantial contribution to your company's success.  But, you also know how difficult it can be to find the ideal training provider who offers both the training you need and the flexibility you demand.

Whether you are looking to train new employees or senior executives, the Linguaphone Group is the training provider you can rely on to ensure all your organisation's and employees' English language training needs are met. 

To find out more, contact our licensed partner for your country.

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