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Learn Business English For TodayThe Linguaphone Group's Business English courses are aimed at corporate executives who have an intermediate level of English and who wish to improve their command of the language for use in the commercial world. 

It's specifically designed for the busy executive of today, giving you the confidence and practice you need to conduct business with colleagues, clients, business contacts and acquaintances who do not speak your native language.

Direct English Business English course

Business English is an integral part of the Direct English system which teaches effective listening, speaking, reading and writing in a business context. By combining dynamic course materials with face-to-face tutorials and workshops, based on real business scenarios, students develop the language skills they need to communicate confidently in an English speaking environment. For more information please visit our Direct English site

Linguaphone Business English course

Business English CourseTaking a modular approach, our Business English course is centred around 12 international case studies.

Each of the 12 case study books is divided into sections containing business documents and dialogue texts, language practice exercises, assessment and revision sections, answer keys and transcripts.

The 12 audio CDs, one for each case study, are all recorded by native speakers of English from many parts of the world.

The Business English Dictionary provides the ultimate reference tool long after you have finished your course.

It's true-to-fife

The range of realistic international business scenarios within each of the 12 case studies present "true-to-life" situations and problems. 

The audio recordings present the case in a documentary style while the printed text presents a parallel version. 

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Present a case or argument clearly
  • Persuade other people to your point of view
  • Understand and accurately answer all the questions you are asked
  • Be polite and firm in discussions and negotiations
  • Read and understand articles in trade and professional magazines
  • Read and respond to letters and reports in English
  • Read and understand documents and contracts of agreements in English
  • Draft your own documents, reports, business plans and letters in English

It's effective

The modular case-based learning approach of our Business English course is a method commonly and effectively used in management training around the world.

  • It uses business themes and the most appropriate teaching technique for corporate executives of today
  • It uses non-business, informal vocabulary that is hard to find in a dictionary, defined in your own native language
  • It offers more variety of accent than any other Business English course
  • It contains regular self-assessment and revision exercises, giving you genuine practise in the language you will need to use in your working day
  • It is backed up by regular follow-up tutorials to reinforce individual progress and group conversation classes on current business topics
  • It allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time, at a location of your choice
  • It is complemented by our innovative and highly topical online learning service, Daily English, that reinforces language skills in a 'true-to-life' environment

It's efficient

You can choose to start with any of the case studies, using the charts and summaries to learn and revise the areas most relevant to your immediate business needs.

The course guide, in your own native language, explains the clear and manageable aims and objectives of the course.  It contains useful tables which refer you to the business documents and language functions in each case, as well as a wordlist which complements the Business English Dictionary.

It's familiar

Our Business English course presents business people from all over the world using English to communicate with one another.  Both British and American English are covered, as well as many accents of English which today's corporate executive will need to become familiar with.

With our Business English course, you will be able to conduct business in English as competently and confidently as you do in your own native language.


Online learning - Daily English

Online English Language LearningEnrolment on a Business English course may entitle you to access Daily English of our Online Learning resources. 

Delivered via the Internet, Daily English is a unique and highly topical up-to-the-minute learning service featuring news articles from English and American newspapers, BBC television and radio news and current affairs programmes, with exercises and grammar.

For more information about Daily English, click here or contact your local Direct English or Linguaphone Centre by visiting the Our Partners section of this website.

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