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A Language Course To Suit YouAs the world's leading language training provider, you would expect the Linguaphone Group to offer a comprehensive range of distance learning language courses.

...and we do!

Whether you're looking to learn a language for a holiday, for business, for travel or for career development, you can be sure we have a course to suit you.  You can learn on the move, in your car, relaxing on the beach, online via your PC or more traditionally at home - however, whenever and wherever suits you best.

In the Words of Our Distance Learning Language Customers

A Language Course to Suit You

Complete - The Full Language Course

Complete Language CourseThe course that requires no previous knowledge! Whether you're a complete beginner looking for a thorough basic knowledge of a new language or you're seeking to refresh your skills, our Complete Course (Starter/Dialogue) contains a mixture of travel, social and business scenarios to ensure you're prepared for a wide variety of different situations. 

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to converse effectively in everyday situations and routine business matters.  You'll be able to listen to and understand a native speaker, make arrangements by phone and read letters, magazines and general articles.

PDQ - The Ultimate Holiday Style Language Course

PDQ Language CoursePDQ is ideal for anyone looking to learn a language to an elementary level and practise basic conversation for short trips abroad. It covers a wide range of useful situations and uses native speakers to teach an active vocabulary of over 500 words. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate about yourself, your work, your home, hobbies, travel, health and the weather.

allTalk - Learn on the Move with the First, Revolutionary, Audio-Only Course 

allTalk Language CourseNo textbooks, no writing, allTalk is the perfect hands-free solution for language learning on the move. 

The lively and amusing soap-style storyline on CD keeps you entertained while you listen and learn the basics to a confident conversational level.

Travel Pack - The Definitive Introduction to the Basics of a New Language

Travel Pack Language CourseTravel Pack incorporates everything you will need for your next trip abroad.

It includes: a 70-minute language CD for all the most important phrases and vocabulary; a 60-minute travel CD for a lively guide to the main countries where the language is spoken, with helpful hints and fascinating insights into the regions, culture and traditions; and a phrase book, your essential reference pocket companion, with useful pronunciation guides and practical information on eating out, shopping, where to stay, money and finding your way around.

Daily Services - News-Based Online Language Learning

Daily Services Online French And SpanishDaily French and Daily Spanish ensure you keep your language up to date with native newspaper articles and TV and/or radio programmes, while extending your understanding and vocabulary through grammar articles and exercises.

This revolutionary online learning tool is only available with the French and Spanish Complete courses.

Many of our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world can also provide teacher support to the language courses detailed above.

Learn English and Have Fun at the Same Time!

Learn English And Have Fun

At our Direct English and Linguaphone Centres around the world you can do just that!

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