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"The Linguaphone system is like watching a play or watching a serial and by the end of the season you can speak the language and learn more by conversing with native speakers.  Linguaphone is a great and user-friendly system that gradually accustoms you to the language.  It enables fluency enough to build on your vocabulary when conversing with native speakers."
Stephen Riad


"Very well presented; 'user-friendly' conversational examples.  Did not look frightening at all!"
.Mrs M Thackrah


"Excellent.  I have had other Linguaphone courses and knew I would get a first-class product. 
. I am entirely satisfied with the Linguaphone course I have received.
.Mr John Shears


"Much easier to learn than any of the rivals which I've experienced."
.Mr Jarman


"Very good - well worth the money.  Lovely presentation box."
.L.J. Shanahan


"I've already recommended it to other colleagues."
.Mrs Vivienne Hole


"I've already recommended Linguaphone to my sister who has purchased PDQ Spanish and my husband who has purchased PDQ French - I'm sure we'll all continue to use Linguaphone.  I like the method of learning - listen, repeat, then test yourself."
Mrs C J Fraser


"Cost-effective, easy acccess, all round great service and courses."
.Mr J Jervis


"Easy to follow. Lots of chances to go over what has been learned."
.Miss Lee C Waller


"Very good introduction to the language, clear explanations."
.Mrs Anna Maria Battistini


"I have to go to Italy a lot - for work (I am a Tour Guide/Manager).  I have long since wanted to have a better understanding of the language and this course (combined with the studying of verbs and extra vocabulary) has helped a lot."
.Miss Helen Young


"Simply amazing!  Will recommend this product to friends at work."
.Mr Neil


"It's the best language course I've ever seen."
.Miss A Witkowska

"Absolutely as I had expected and it fully met my requirements."
.Mr M M Shah


"It is not a good idea to gild the lily.  There is very little room for improvement as the presentation is almost perfect!"
Mr D Matthews


"Whoever created the particular allTalk Spanish concept and format for learning should be congratulated for breaking down the many barriers associated with learning a foreign language."
J W Crawford-Edis


"Good balance between speaking/writing exercises - I particularly like the intonation exercises."
.Mrs M Fyson


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